First Impression

First Impression

A picture of Farmer Matt and our oldest son on our first visit to the farm. We were imagining all the animals we would have roaming around grazing on grass or taking a rest under the shade of this tree. Since then we have seen a great horned owl several times in these back pastures and now with much help from friends we are only about a week away from having the sheep onto these pastures for the first time.


Chicken Palace

What once was a vintage hay trailer has been turned into a mobile chicken tractor for our 150 Golden Sex Link laying hens. We liked the simplicity of our old chicken tractors ( City Chicken, Country Chicken) but we quickly … Continue reading

Farmer Matt Reviews the film American Meat

Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm.

Wednesday nights screening of American Meat at CWU’s S.U.R.C. Theater was well attended by students as well as local farmers and ranchers. The film covered issues that concern conventional farmers as well as organic farmers and the push/pull between the … Continue reading